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Outburst 2: Banality

The cat meows two hours
Too early
Get up
Feed the cat Feed the dog
Put the dog out
Get the newspaper
Eat breakfast – cereal and skim milk
What’s for lunch?
Nothing interests me today
Take a shower Find something unwrinkled to wear
What jewelry to wear?
Drive to work
Dodge the traffic
Get to work
Turn on the lights and computer
Unlock the door
Check e-mail and phone messages
Look for something obscure
Read the newspaper
Answer the phone
Make deliveries as needed
Go to the post office and bank
Go to exercise class
Eat something small for lunch
The afternoon drags
Leave at 4:30
Go grocery shopping
Check the mail
Feed the pets
What’s for dinner?
Flip channels
Fall asleep

Author: Beth Collier

Published inOutbursts
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