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Call For Papers – Special Issue: Mundane Sex

Everyone knows that sex is not necessarily all that it’s cracked up to be. Passionate sexual relationships may eventually fade; the overuse of public representations of sex and sexuality eventually leave us blasé; and even the most extreme versions of sex and sexuality have become domesticated. We also face the creation of widely disparate notions of sex, sex roles, and genders, making it appear as though we are stuck between traditional conceptions of sex and gender and a new multiplicity of genders, gender orientations, and sexualities. Put another way, “sex,” however construed, is one of the most fundamentally mundane aspects of our existence.

Journal of Mundane Behavior looks to study mundane sex as the topic of its second special issue, to appear as JMB 3.1 in February 2002. We are soliciting papers dealing with the everydayness and ordinariness of sex and sexuality to be considered for inclusion in this issue.

Possible topics could include, though are by no means limited to:

— Sex and sexuality as routine experiences in long-term relationships;
— Tacit social pressures promoting appropriate and acceptable sexual relationships, even in unconventional arrangements;
— The impact of depictions of sex and sexuality on our everyday experiences of them;
— The processes that go into creating heterosexuality, ideas of “acceptable sexuality” based on gender, race/ethnicity, class position, everyday social life, and the racialization of sexuality;
— The normalization of extreme forms of sex and sexuality;
— Sexual humor—its situational appropriateness and social functions;
— Sex and sexual talk in the workplace and in other settings;
— Computerized or virtual sex – internet pornography, personals web sites, and cybersex as routine experiences;
— The construction and/or conflation of sex, sexuality, and gender in everyday interaction;
— The relationship of sexual discourses including safe sex, sexual experimentalism and marital sex on people’s attitudes and actual sexual practices;
— The experience of sex workers, and sex as a form of mundane labor;
— Translations of conceptions of sexuality into other aspects of our lives; and
— Non-sexual and non-“sexy” components of sexual activity.

The deadline for the submission of articles for our Mundane Sex issue is October 5/2001. Papers should be sent as MS Word attachments to our Special Issue Editor, Dr. Kimberly Mahaffy ( and should follow JMB submission guidelines, available on our web site (

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