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Reconciling Desire and Feminism: A Book Review

Jane Sexes It Up is a provocative analysis of desire, sex, and romance for women raised under the constellation of feminism and all that it has offered women since the early 1970’s. This collection examines the contradictions and complications that …

Lower Manhattan Man

Freedom, Socialist Planning and National Yearning

It is no stretch to extend the blunt lances of blue light soaring out of the rubble of the World Trade Center to the Lower East Side only a few blocks away. This was …

Poems by Doug Tanoury

Ode to Feet

I have seen poetic feet so perfect,
The very smallest units
Of patterned stress,
Soft idioms of Iambic
And drum beats of Anapestic,
That march across the carpet
In measured meter toward full-length mirrors.

I am the …

Waiting Outside the Atlas Café: A Study in Community

Abstract: Having just returned from two years living in Bulgaria, where outdoor cafés dominate the social life, the author narrates his experiences joining a café community in Fayetteville, Arkansas. What emerges from the study is more than a description of …

Prison argot and penal discipline

Abstract: Comprised partly of oral and written forms, the lexis and structure of prison argot reflect the personalities of inmates who employ them, as well as the conflicts and tensions inherent in prison settings. It is shown in this article …

Self-Concept and the Discussion of Youth Sport: A Critique

Abstract: Critiques of sport today reflect an increasing tendency to equate sport with pathology, especially in terms of the discussion of youth participation and the interpretations of the self-concept relative to youth sport participation. Mirroring a societal shift that places …

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