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Outburst 6: Errands

I don’t quite understand the business of selling food, having only been involved in preparing and serving, being a consumer.

Cans in the grocery store are aligned. They read “tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes.” Cans are the typical grocery, as in THE …

Outburst 4: The Mundane Bachelor

Here is an example of the inherent Power of a simple, everyday Distinction that you have never considered to be a key means for the Culture-Structure’s enforcement of the status quo.

The forms that you fill out for anything and …

Outburst 2: Banality

The cat meows two hours
Too early
Get up
Feed the cat Feed the dog
Put the dog out
Get the newspaper
Eat breakfast – cereal and skim milk
What’s for lunch?
Nothing interests me today
Take a shower Find …

Outburst 1: State of Fugue

Let’s take care of the so-called “pusher”-problem first: dealers don’t push drugs. Drugs push dealers. Or, more accurately, clients push dealers. All the time: day or night, in the supermarket, at the gas station, the restaurant, the local bar (natch). …

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