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A number of press pieces have been published regarding Journal of Mundane Behavior. Please follow the links below for more on what’s been said about the journal. If you know of other pieces that have been published, please e-mail Scott Schaffer.
Aug 27/2003: Newhouse News Service, syndicated to 40 US newspapers
Oct 20/2002: Chicago Tribune.
Mar 10/2002: Megastar (UK).
Mar 8/2002: Front page, The Yorkshire Post (UK).
Mar 2002: "Opinion" Section, New Scientist.
Nov 15/2001: The Morning Show, WKRC 550AM, Cincinnati.
Oct 30/2001: Lancaster New Era
Oct 23/2001: On the Line, with Brian Lehrer, WNYC Radio.
Oct 19/2001: PRI’s "To the Point, with Warren Olney."
Oct 19/2001: Page One, The Wall Street Journal.
Oct 12/2001: Southern California Living section, Los Angeles Times
Oct 2/2001: Interview on "The Late Show," BBC Midlands Radio
Oct 2001: "Innocent Bystander" section: "Out of the Ordinary," Cullen Murphy, The Atlantic Monthly
Sep 16/2001: "Doors" section ("Best of the Net"), Sunday Times.
Aug 1/2001: Spirit, Southwest Airlines’ in-flight magazine.
Jul 31/2001: Eoin Cameron show, 720 ABC, Perth, Australia. (Requires RealAudio for listening.)
Jul 22/2001: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Lifestyle section.
Jul 20/2001: Australia – Channel 9’s "The Today Show."
Jul 20/2001: Straits Times, Life section.
Mar 6/2001: Washington Post, Style section.
Mar 2/2001: KOCE-TV’s "Real Orange."
Nov 2/2000: The Todd Mundt Show, Michigan Radio/National Public Radio.
Jun 23/2000: The California Report, KQED-FM.
Jun 22/2000: The Brian Morton show, BBC Scotland.
Jun 18/2000: Los Angeles Times Magazine, with Stuart Swezey, Editor, Amok Books.
May 25/2000: USA Today, Life section.
May 20/2000: New York Times, Arts section.
Apr 10/2000: KOCE-TV’s "Real Orange."
Mar 24/2000: BBC World Service’s "Outlook."
Mar 22/2000: Time magazine, "Bytes" section.
Mar 22/2000: ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation), "Reality Check" on FM4.
Mar 20/2000: Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s "Radio National Breakfast."
Mar 15/2000: UPN Channel 13’s "In Focus" segment on the 10pm news broadcast. To view it in RealPlayer, click here for high bandwidth (T1/ISDN/DSL), or here for low bandwidth (56K modems). (Note: File must be saved before viewing – NOT streaming video.)
Mar 14/2000: NPR’s Morning Edition (requires RealAudio; interview is listed as "Focus on Ordinary Behavior").
Mar 13/2000: UK Electronic Telegraph, International section.
Mar 11/2000: Associated Press, science section. Appeared in newspapers across the US, Canada, Australia, and the rest of the world.
Mar 11/2000: ABC News web site.
Mar 9/2000: Columbus Dispatch, Features section.
Dec 14/1999: Radio Interview with "As It Happens", Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (requires RealAudio; interview begins at 41:25 of the clip entitled "Listen to Second Half of As It Happens".)
Dec 2/1999: San Jose Mercury News, Higher Education section (also distributed by the Knight-Ridder Wire Services, and has appeared in major newspapers in the US, Canada, the UK, and the Philippines)
Oct 29/1999: The Chronicle of Higher Education, "Hot Type" section

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