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Thanks and Remerciments

As I’m sure you’re aware, this is the third issue of Journal of Mundane Behavior, meaning that we’ve completed our first full volume. For that, first and foremost, we have you, our loyal readership, to thank. Without your interest in what we do here at JMB, we would not continue to exist.

Our contributors, too, deserve a note of thanks. We have received during the past twelve months over sixty contributions from scholars of all fields, public opinion researchers, and – most importantly – members of the general public, and all of these have challenged and inspired us. Our move toward making explicit the democratization of intellectual production is mostly inspired by the fervor all of you have shown for JMB. Please – keep it up.

On a more personal note, Myron and I want to express our heartiest appreciation our editorial board and reviewers, who have shouldered a burden often more heavy than we originally estimated. For their patience, hard work, insight, and commitment to producing a journal that works to violate all academia’s preconceived notions of an intelligent, intellectual journal, we owe a debt of gratitude that no amount of cultural capital can repay. Their efforts have paid off more than Myron and I would ever have imagined.

We also want to thank Jamie O’Halloran, who has kindly served as our proofreader for the past two issues and has polished our works to a fine shine, and the many friends who have said, “Hey, what’s up with this?”, or have bailed Scott out in the middle of a layout session. To all of you, merçi.

Finally, hearty thanks go to the Sociology department at California State University, Fullerton, which has hosted the journal for the past year, provided emotional support and insightful critique when necessary, and has allowed us to experiment with this project.

During the next year, we will offer up a special issue on the media and the everyday; establish MundaneTalk, our moderated public discussion forum; develop our public sector, which will include more contributions from members of the public as well as editorials written by members of our board. In other words, Journal of Mundane Behavior will continue the path we – all of us, editor, contributor and reader alike – have begun.

To another year, then, we lift our glasses…

Scott Schaffer and Myron Orleans, Co-editors, JMB

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